Wix.Com eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


If you want to work with a website builder and e-commerce site tool, Wix.com is a good place to start. This company was established in 2005 and has offices in 2 countries, making it international.

Not only will Wix give you a lot of tools that are pretty simple to work with, it also makes website building fun! Just work with this and you’re going to build sites like a pro.

Website Features

Begin by looking at the more than 100 templates that you can use with Wix. Each one of them can be customized in various ways! You can use an editor to drag and drop elements so that you don’t have to know how to code anything. There will even be a tool for you named Wix Express and you can build a site faster than ever!

Another good thing about this software is that you can use marketing and SEO tools with it. Your website will have the right things in place like a sitemap, HTML site mirror, and its meta data so people can find you on a search engine. If you don’t think that’s good enough you can get hosting free as well. A lot of other e-commerce sites want you to pay tons of money, which Wix will never do! That is, unless you’d like to use their premium plan, because that gives you more bandwidth and storage space. You can add tons of pictures, descriptions, anything you need to make sales.

There is a shopping cart that gives you more tools. Let people check out with Paypal and you can make a button for it that’s any color you’d like. And the best thing is that you don’t have to pay a ton of fees like with other companies.

If you want to be relevant today, you have to use social media. You can use Wix to help you make a site that works well on mobile devices and you can make a good looking Facebook profile. These tasks will only take a few minutes of your time.

Value For Money

Those with companies like you may want to quit having to sacrafice features so you can get a fair price. With Wix.com you don’t have to worry about the price because it’s all affordable. The main thing you’ll have to ask yourself is what will help meet the needs you have the most.

If you’re interested in selling online, then you should work with the e-commerce plan. You can use this one to work a shopping cart into your site with other features available. This will also give you the ability to start merging your site with Paypal and a cart along with more options.

Another good idea is to figure out if hosting is included like it is with Wix. There isn’t anything charged on top of what you’re paying already for hosting. We have no hidden fees. A lot of other companeis are going to make you pay for things like setting up your site. This isn’t the case with us.

Best Package: The E-Commerce 1+ Years Package

What for? This is pretty much a plan that gives you a cart for shopping and many more features.

Security Features

One thing you can get with features or services from Wix is having security and safety attached to your site. Wix will cover this and more for you. One great thing about this kind of website is you can use it with Google Checkout or something like PayPal. They’re both great companies people trust with their money.

If you have a customer enter information on your site, you have to know what’s going on behind the scenes. For example, you may not keep information from your customers on your website. When you use a payment processor, they take and work with the information so it’s more safe. So, if you are using a payment processor you don’t have to worry about it when they’re companies like Google and PayPal.

One thing you have to get are free updates, like you will from this service. You can use a tool that gives you a look at what updates will look like when you implement them. This is great to work with because you don’t have to worry about changes that can destroy your site.

Support For Customers

At Wix.com you get quite a few functions and options. The site will let you use a search box to find out more about them in a FAQ. This can help you a lot and you can get questions answered in tutorials and big articles.

Their forum is also an enjoyable place. Here you can work with customers just like you that can answer your questions if they have ran into the same issue as you before. Of course, you should also check into their email support option. You should be able to get a customer service agent to help right away!

Wix.Com eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


Web Design Features


    E-commerce Hosting


      Marketing Features


        Payment Options


          Overall Value



            • - Free-account option lets users create and host beautiful websites at no charge
            • - Hundreds of templates that can fit pretty much any purpose
            • - Wix App Market integrates with many popular web services, enabling live support, newsletters, contests, reservation tools, and testimonials on your site.


            • - Too much design freedom means your site can end up looking less than stellar
            • - No way to view site stats unless you pay for the ability to add Google Analytics
            • - Limited e-commerce options and lack of true automatic mobile design