Web.com eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


If you’re looking for a professional e-commerce solution that meshes well with your goals for operating an online business, Web.com is well worth your attention. Its solutions are very straightforward and easy to implement, and the array of features it has to offer you is impressively diverse. Web.com’s long-term track record in the industry is solid, with countless satisfied clients operating successful online stores. Web.com’s wide selection of great store templates and their menu of customization options are both highly regarded.

Web.com gives you a huge palette of e-commerce features to choose from when you’re assembling your ideal hosting solution. These cover both aesthetic choices like design options and important back-end considerations like security features.

Website Design Features

As noted above, Web.com’s library of website templates is extremely diverse. The company currently offers you more than 500 templates to choose from, and every selection can be fully customized. Colors, layouts, fonts, and other design features can be adjusted to match your branding. You can even collaborate with Web.com’s professional designers to get a fully customized storefront built for your business.

Hosting Quality

Both of Web.com’s basic plans for e-commerce include industry-leading hosting services. You can rest assured that your online store will be living on safe, secure servers that deliver minimal downtime and fulfill all of your hosting needs. Hosting costs vary based on the details of your plan and the options you select (see below for more). A free domain name is included in the cost of Web.com’s hosting services.

Compatibility With Mobile Shopping

Mobile compatibility is one of the optional add-ons Web.com offers to all of its clients. This feature is very modestly priced (less than a dollar a month) and well worth the investment due to the rising tide of mobile shopping occurring across all industries.

Payment Integration / Shopping Cart

Web.com’s system is a very open one that works with a wide range of different payment methods and shopping cart services. Adding the functionality you want to your new store is a painless process.

Value For Money

The choice between storefront providers often comes down to cost, but it’s important to bear in mind that picking a provider is not just a one-time purchase. It’s an investment in the long-term future of your online business, and you need an e-commerce partner that’s capable of adapting to your changing needs. Web.com is ideally suited to doing this for smaller online store operators.

Web.com’s two-tier pricing system is fairly straightforward but different than many of its competitors. All Web.com clients get unlimited email addresses when they sign up. From here, your choice is between the Basic and Standard packages. With the basic package, you’ll need to pay a low monthly fee to keep your store up and running. You can list up to 20 different products, and Web.com charges a 2.5 percent transaction fee on each of your purchases. The standard package increases your product limit to 500 and reduces the sales fee to just 1.5 percent. This is the full extent of the basic pricing model; there are no additional costs to setting up a Web.com store. The company has recently reduced the base prices of both packages. Currently, the monthly fee for the basic package is $6.95, while the standard package costs $15.95.

Security Features

Although online security is important for everyone, it’s particularly vital to store operators. You need to be as certain as possible that all the right steps are taken to protect sensitive information – both your own and that of your customers. Fortunately, Web.com’s behind-the-scenes infrastructure is more than capable of keeping your data as safe as possible.

Web.com does an excellent job of managing the details of account management for you. Their server network is widespread and highly secure, ensuring that your store’s data is always stored safely. The critical files that your site relies on will be stored in multiple geographic locations for maximum redundancy.

The company uses a ready-made online application to handle credit card information securely. This system complies with all of the restrictions necessary to earn full PCI certification, giving you a ready-to-use payment system that you can trust.

All secure data connections to and from your Web.com site will be protected by SSL encryption to deter hacking and information theft. This applies to both your customer’s interactions with your store and your own administration of it.

Customer Service & Support

As a Web.com client, you’ll be able to make full use of their online help resources. The company provides an extensive knowledge base of articles and FAQ pages to help guide you through site management and teach you how to get the most out of the features included with your account.

For assistance with specific issues, Web.com’s support department is available via toll-free phone call or web-based email. Live phone support is generally helpful, and online contact has excellent response times. In most case, you can expect to hear back from the support department within hours of emailing them.

Web.com eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


Web Design Features


    E-commerce Hosting


      Marketing Features


        Payment Options


          Overall Value



            • - Helpful customer service
            • - Advanced Web builder available at no extra cost
            • - Free domain registration.


            • - Confusing interface
            • - Difficult to import WordPress blog
            • - No live Web chat support
            • - Lacks dedicated and VPS hosting