Volusion eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


E-commerce requires comprehensive planning and organization beginning with solutions such as Volusion. Volusion is a big name in the world of e-commerce services and has been setting up new plans since 2015. The plans are varied including no transaction fees and unlimited storage. They have four plans in place as of right now. Each one provides exceptional value.

The business will be able to select from a variety of features to maximize the solution. Those who are looking to put up a comprehensive website will enjoy the tools on offer for web designing and hosting. This is one of the most flexible, high-grade e-commerce solutions on the market.

Website Features

1) Fully Customizable Along With Ability To Insert HTML Code (As Desired)

2) Includes High-Quality Design Templates For Users

3) Full Step-By-Step Design Wizard To Engage User And Make Designing Easier From Start To Finish

4) Set Up New Titles, Captions, And Content Sections With Ease 5) Add Additional Content As Required

There are numerous features tacked on top for businesses who are looking to expand. Mobile-friendliness is vital and this solution provides ample power in this regard. Customers are able to grab their handheld devices and know the site is going to run well. Social media engagement is vital as well and Volusion takes care of this for all users too. For those who are looking to set up an eBay store, there is integration for that as well based on the apps included.

SEO optimization is vital as well to rank for primary keywords, and Volusion helps in this regard. Being easy to find on Google/Bing is something everyone should be looking at as a business owner.

Hosting Quality

What about the hosting with Volusion? There are four plans on offer. These plans are going to provide magnificent features you can use as desired. These features are customizable and only are brought into the equation after they are selected. You are not forced to choose specific features. You get data transfer of around 40GB and monthly bandwidth. You will not be charged for the setup process at all. This is something that stands out about Volusion because others are not as lenient.

For those who are looking for even more power, it is best to set up a new plan that is designed for you. This can be done by contacting the company’s customer support. It is recommended to go with the Volusion Enterprise Plan when it comes to larger companies. There are many who are already on board such as The Chicago Tribune, Motorola, and others.

Value For Money

It doesn’t come better than this when it comes to the amount being paid. The packages are each going to bring something new to the table at a price that is more than affordable as well. This is critical for businesses of all sizes who are looking to find the perfect fit and need it as soon as possible. It does not matter how many products are being sold. There is a plan for you.

It is essential to make sure you are getting a “bang for your buck” deal and this is it. There aren’t too many plans that are going to go the extra mile for you especially when it comes to setting up a mobile-friendly site. The fact you are not going to be paying hidden fees along the way makes it even better.

It doesn’t matter what plan you are going with. They are all going to be affordable and fit what you are going for in the end. These are tools that are going to push you to the top. It doesn’t matter what is going on your site, this is a solution that is going to help you out. The customer support is world-class on that end. Volusion makes sure the product is updated and works as needed at all times during the day. You will never see dips in performance.

Which plan is the most popular as of right now? it would have to be the Volusion Pro Plan. This is a plan where you are going to get all of the main features such as the no hidden fees and unlimited storage, but you will also get a dedicated account manager. You are going to be paying around $75 per month and this is going to bring with it a lot of new features. These features are going to include things such as Amazon integration, API access, and CRM. This is all about getting a fair deal and the Pro Plan is made for those who want to save money and get all of these neat features.

Security Features

What about security? How safe are your business and its website? You are going with a trusted partner here. Volusion is one of the best when it comes to security and is well-regarded for it. You are going to have full IP-blocking security in place right from the get-go. You are not going to be pushed into bringing people to the site. They are all going to be filtered out as soon as the IP blocking is put in. This is the beauty of running a reliable e-commerce store from a good platform.

You are also going to have SSL data encryption which is used by the largest businesses around the world right now. Those who are looking to hack into the company will not be able to. This is all about ensuring your credit card data and sensitive information is not being hacked into. This is critical to making sure you don’t get into legal trouble down the road. The PCI and CSIP fraud protection methods are going to ensure each transaction is good to go.

Many other features are included on top for those who are going to be using Volusion for their business. It also includes the ability to have multiple log-ins for each part of the site to make sure it is not being accessed at once. There are additional security features where you are able to look at automatic crash protection, fraud score features, and members-only capabilities.

Overall Service

What about the service? What if things are not working as they should be? You are able to make general inquiries with Volusion’s customer support team at any time of the day. The response will be as immediate as required. There are guides available as well for those who are looking for assistance. Volusion makes sure there is a chatbox feature available for those who seek professional support right away. You can also call on the toll-free number.

The live chat software is ideal for those who are looking to set up their own customer support setup as well. This is critical and is free for all plans. You can add this to your site in seconds and make sure people are able to contact you as well. You are also going to have significant indicators to make the chats go ahead quickly.

Volusion eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


Web Design Features


    E-commerce Hosting


      Marketing Features


        Payment Options


          Overall Value



            • - mobile-responsive website
            • - Well rounded administrative section


            • - Higher plan needed for more features