The Power Of Push Notifications For eCommerce

If you are an eCommerce website owner, you’ve probably heard a lot about push notifications. So why should you have them among your top tools of the trade?

Your main concern and main aim as an online salesperson is to sell. Online platforms make it sound easy enough, since the market is already there, seemingly waiting, but it may not be that quick and easy as you might think. Remember that the majority of businesses nowadays are online, and that equals to a whole lot of competition.

This article will explain to you where push notifications come in, and why they are important to you as an eCommerce website owner looking to push, quite literally, your products.

Push notifications are automated messages sent to users even when an application or website is not open. They are small messages used to reach internet users at any time, that pop up on the computer/ phone screen to remind users of promotions, sales, abandoned carts, new products, and any other thing a website owner wants to push.

How Push Notifications Help Generate Business

As earlier mentioned, there are a few ways that you can use push notifications to drum up business. Here’s a brief detailing in each of these purposes.

Announcing New Product Arrivals

You can use push notifications to alert the user on the arrival of new products in store that they may be interested in buying.

Announcing A Sale

If you have a sale, let’s say thanksgiving, Christmas or Black Friday, you could pop up a little notification on your user’s screen to let them know.

Authenticating New Users

You could use push notifications to invite potential users to sign in/ sign up to your website. You can distinguish which user to send this notification to based on their site visits/ user history.

Giving Offers/Promotions

No one can resist an offer or a promotion. You could entice users by offering them discount coupons and codes that will apply when they purchase something from you. Show them that you are the best in your field, and affordable too.

Recovering Abandoned Carts

Two out of three carts usually end up abandoned, either because the buyer got distracted midway, or went to compare prices on another site. A lot of times, they end up forgetting that they even had anything in a cart.

You could send a push notification to them as a reminder so that they can complete checkout and you can make a sale.

Updating User On The Progress Of Their Purchase

A nice way of getting a user to engage more with your site is by tracking their purchase for them. Let them know when their package is on the way, and when it arrives and is ready for pick up. This extra service will most definitely please them since you have made their work easier and they do not have to keep calling/checking in to ask.

Considerations for Push Notifications

Now, an important fact to remember is that you are trying to bag the client. Study a user’s history/ online habit in order to know whether your brand is appropriate for them. A guy who consistently orders take out might not be interested in buying pots and pans.

Also, know how often to send them. Avoid bombarding the user with too many notifications that will overwhelm them, remember, it is quite easy for them to opt-out, and you will have lost a potential client.

Timing is also key. For example, notifications about a taxi/car hire service are best sent in the morning, when people are getting ready to leave their houses. Send notifications in the evening and the uptake rate will be significantly lower.

Push notifications are super-efficient since they offer real-time delivery of offers and services. Now, website push notifications are preferred to app notifications, since to begin with, apps are expensive to start and run.

Website notifications also have higher response rates, and have a 50% higher chance of being opened than app notifications, and twice the click rates.

Why Should You Know All This?

Knowing and understanding what push notifications can do for you will tremendously, and positively impact your eCommerce website in terms of sales. The right use of push notifications will boost your sales substantially since it is a way of reminding the user that you exist, and what you are offering.