Ionos eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


Updated February 2019

1&1 have undergone a rebrand and are not called ionos so this article have been updated to reflect the new brand name and the new platform they have.

Ionos is a premium eCommerce website builder offering templates, tools and hosting since 2008. Formally named 1&1 (in some cases they still use this name, and rebranded to Ionos) In that time, they’ve become one of the most known names in eCommerce website solutions. The easy eCommerce website builder in particular has garnered quite a lot of attention. They offer hundreds of different pre made eCommerce template layouts, all of which can be further customized to meet your personal taste and need.

Using the Inons  drag and drop page builder called MyWebsite, you are able to design a website that suites your brand and visitors with relative ease. With MyWebsite you can place widgets on the page and customize how they look for example placing a text block and changing the font colour, font and spacing.

What we do love is the fact they all pre made templates are mobile responsive which can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to build your website to show perfectly on any device people are using.

All of this means you can build a fantastic looking and easy to browse site very easily with Ionos.

eCommerce Web Design Features

Ionos has a simple design wizard that will walk you through every part of the design process step by step. It’s incredibly easy to get started. The eCommerce website templates mentioned above are very comprehensive, with layouts that will work well for just about any business. The ability to easily customize each template to better suit your own style and brand identity is also an incredible advantage of the product. Personalized logos, color schemes, font styles, and the basic layout can all be altered to your liking.

After you’ve customized the design of your site, you’ll be able to start setting up it’s online store. You can establish your product inventory automatically via simple a import and export functionality. This will allow your store set-up and general maintenance to be a much quicker process in general, and you can easily implement it with other systems. Ionos is also ahead of the pack given their ability to give you support for as many as 20,000 unique products. Those can be divided into as many as 2,000 categories as well. With all of this at your disposal, your business will have a great chance at truly flourishing.

Marketing Features

Ionos also gives your eCommerce store various marketing tools that can help you build a wider customer base. You can integrate your products with the likes of eBay as well as cross sell, easily re-activate and relist expired offers, and host images for free. You’ll receive a $100 voucher for Google Adwords as well, giving you a great foot in the door for promotion. You’ll also find yourself converting a lot more customers thanks to compatibility with payment platforms such as Paypal, giving your listings the benefit of legitimacy and convenience alike.

Ionos also have the core marketing features you would expect from a complete eCommerce website builder and platform. These include email marketing and social media marketing tools that allow you to engage with your audience to promote and create an on going customer relationship.

We also like the fact you can target visitors that are viewing your website for the first time with special offers or repeat visitors with different offers. All designed to help you convert more visitors into customers and increase your revenue.

Hosting Quality

It should come as no surprise that Ionos has swiftly become one of the most talked about names when it comes to high quality ecommerce hosting options. Their eShops packages each come with powerful hosting functionality. For instance, the most basic package still supports unlimited bandwidth for your site, alongside 5 gigabytes of disc space. You can upgrade to higher packages for even more space of course. More importantly however, Ionos utilizes Dual Hosting, the process of storing your files across several different servers in different data centers and geographical locations. If one of the servers crashes, you won’t experience any downtime thanks to the ready backup.

Value For Money

When comparing with a lot of other eCommerce website builders out there, Ionos has some of the most attractive pricing. You can get started with a smaller site for as little as £1 per month when paying 6 months up front which is a great deal considering the features and infrastructure you get in place. While the price does increase after the initial 6 month period to £7/month it at least allows you to try Ionos eCommerce website builder for small cost to see if fits your business.  Even this lower tier of service will grant you the likes of product management tools, site design options, customer communication tools, the top notch hosting mentioned above, and others. You’ll have to pay to register your domain separately, but everything actually included in this package and all others is still perfectly affordable.

Security Features

Security is not something you have to be worried about when you host your ecommerce store through Ionos. For starters, the fact that their hosting servers are spread out across several locations means access to all of your information is highly protected. The facilities are also monitored literally at all times, all day and night, 365 days of the year. If you’re the technical sort, you’ll be relieved to see SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for all transaction information and other data. No one has a chance of getting a hold of any personal information, allowing you to build even great trust with your customers.

When it comes to e-commerce, a lot of personal information is given up by the consumer. This includes names, addresses, and even credit card numbers. 1&1 understands exactly how important it is that all this info be kept completely secure. As such, none of the data is stored for good, allowing customers to feel completely safe even after they’ve handed over all of their information when paying for any of your services.

All payments will be handled through processors such as Paypal or any other that you’re personally most confident with. Those services will have their own security solutions as well.

Customer Service Quality

Finally, Ionos also recognizes the importance of solid customer support. You can speak one on one to an actual team member via their 800 number line. The service is up and running 24 hours a day, meaning any potential issues that may arise with your store can be dealt with right away.

1&1 Review

1&1 Review

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          Overall Value



            • - Great for Beginners or Experienced Webmasters
            • - Unlimited Webspace
            • - Unlimited Website Hosting
            • - Content Delivery Network
            • - Mobile Website Builder


            • - No Live Chat Support
            • - 1&1 Control Panel Interface Not the Most Intuitive.