BigCommerce eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


BigCommerce is swinging for the fences by offering e-commerce software absolutely brimming with features. These include the likes of a a mobile and social store, premium SEO tools, 24 hour support, over 150 integrated apps, as well as a new enterprise solution. This is a service that aims to fulfill as many of your needs in one package as it possibly can.

That said, there are five different plans you can choose from, including a free trial to help you get a feel for just how effective BigCommerce will be for you. With the highest tier of service, you’ll be able to take advantage of completely unlimited storage and product listings. Other perks peppered throughout the plans include marketing tools, eBay integration, product catalogs, and secure shopping carts. Of course, there’s much more to go over, so continue on for a more in depth rundown of what BigCommerce has to offer.

In the last half decade, BigCommerce has equipped close to 100,000 different stores with effective e-commerce software packages. In that time, they’ve helped process as many as 14 million transactions over 65 different countries. The total sales revenue sits at an impressive 2 billion dollars. These services are very much tried and tested.

Website Features

One of the biggest advantages of BigCommerce is its catalog of website design themes. There are nearly 100 professional designs to choose from, all of which can be fully customized to fit your personal taste. From fonts to colors and more extensive HTML and CSS coding, you can craft any of their designs as needed. Having a great foundation to work from will expedite the process of getting your site up and running. You will also be given the opportunity to work with a talented network of designers if tinkering around with such things isn’t your forte.

BigCommerce also allows your site to feature unlimited high res photos of your products, allowing potential customers to zoom in and get a better sense of what they’ll be getting. This is a major confidence booster that will help lead to more sales overall. Even the largest will also resize automatically to fit your layout when not zoomed, meaning there are no headaches to be had over messing around with finicky pixel settings.

Hosting Features

BigCommerce knows all too well how important it is to maintain consistent up-time for your site. As such, all of their plans center around providing only the most powerful e-commerce hosting. They provide unlimited bandwidth, meaning your site will never choke under the pressure of increased traffic. Sites hosted on BigCommerce boast an impressive 99.994 percent up-time. Many other hosting options often struggle to produce such promising results.

Much of this exemplary up-time is due to BigCommerce’s routine back-ups. They back-up all hosted data multiple times every single day. This persistence makes sure none of your orders, records, photos, or other important data will ever be lost, and your site will always be available for your customers. Best of all, there’s even a dedicated security team to make sure all data is completely safe at all times.

Marketing Features

BigCommerce also comes with a wide variety of marketing tools to help spread the word about your online store. You can set up promotions and coupons, all with customized stipulations. You can also build newsletters, one of the most consistent means of driving traffic to your products and promotions. You’ll be given access to expert search engine optimization as well, meaning your site will rank highly on relevant searches through platforms such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Payment Features

There are over 60 different payment options included in the software. These will allow your customers to pay with everything from PayPal to credit cards and a little bit of everything in between. The payment integration allows for a very easy experience on the customer’s end, and all of the options means you won’t have to worry about losing a sale because some customers’ preferred payment methods aren’t supported.

Value For Money

As mentioned above, every plan offered by BigCommerce comes with a free trial of 15 days. You can make absolute sure their software truly fits your needs, and then opt into one of the five different tiers of service from there. You can go all in or stick to the cheaper options to remain a bit more conservative. You can always upgrade later if you wish, and the process is a breeze.

You will receive hosting and various additional services in every single package. Another standard feature is allowing your site to be equipped with a SSL certificate. With this, you’ll be sure to build trust with all of your customers. The impressive up-time is also available to all who hitch their wagon to BigCommerce, as is marketing assistance that includes the likes of Google Adwords credits. The standard features are all incredibly impressive; you’ll simply receive even more support and options as you opt into higher service plans.

It’s also important to note that what you see is what you get as far as each plan’s pricing. There are no hidden fees or conditional costs you’ll have to worry about somewhere down the road. You won’t even have to worry about transaction fees like with some other e-commerce hosting services. All of this will allow you to get a consistent picture of what your costs and profits will be when it’s all said and done.

If you’re looking for a preferred option, you may want to consider the Plus Plan. This appears to be the most popular among customers. It allows you to sell as many as 1,000 different products. It’s a fantastic means of starting strong and opening the door to growth for your site and corresponding business in the future.

Security Features

Of course, no hosting service is complete without a guarantee of safety for you and your customers’ data. All financial and personal data will be protected by all means. BigCommerce uses only the most up to date in security protocols. This includes the likes of 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (or SSL) protection. All data transmitted from or to your site will be encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to stick their nose in and get access to records or other highly personal information. Hardware firewalls are also implemented, as is denial of service protection. With BigCommerce, your business will run on all cylinders safely and securely.

BigCommerce eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


Web Design Features


    E-commerce Hosting


      Marketing Features


        Payment Options


          Overall Value



            • - No Transactions Fees
            • - Great SEO Tools
            • - Good Support
            • - Single Page Checkout
            • - Easy to Use


            • - Poor Customer Service/Support
            • - Bland Templates
            • - Difficult to Customize
            • - Sudden Pricing Changes