3DCart eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


In the always-new world of ecommerce, 3dcart has racked up a truly impressive record for longevity and outstanding customer service. 3Dcart has been developing ecommerce solutions for nearly 20 years, and they’ve put together tens of thousands of online stores. Their 17,000-client strong base of satisfied customers is a testament to their abilities. 3Dcart is particularly notable for its outstanding uptime performance (over 99.9 percent) and its wide-ranging payment system (supporting more than 150 payment providers without fees).

Ideal Clients

There are three main ecommerce plans available with 3dcart, but their offerings are so flexible that they can accommodate the needs of virtually any online business. 3dcart is equally useful for vendors building stores from scratch and those who want to import an existing store. (Your content and branding will migrate without changing in any way.) Whether you’re a garage-based operation or a major corporation, 3dcart can meet your ecommerce needs. 3dcart’s offerings hit all of the bases for ecommerce: They build stores, provide web hosting, handle domains, and give you SEO tools. This is far from the full range of features the company makes available, of course! You have hundreds of useful tools to choose from.

Website Features

* Hosting

3dcart delivers managed hosting to meet your online store’s needs. The company’s servers are both highly reliable and highly secure (see below), and scalability is never a concern for clients.

* Domain Registration

You can register a domain directly when you sign up with 3dcart. The company will handle annual renewal for you at no additional charge, which is a handy bonus many hosting companies don’t offer.

* Security

Security is always a prime concern with ecommerce. That’s why 3dcart delivers 256-bit SSL encryption to protect financial and customer information. You’ll have full FTP access to needed files, and the 3dcart system is level 1 PCI compliant – the same security protocol trusted by banks.

* Technology

Like many larger hosting providers, 3dcart is able to take advantage of economies of scale to keep their hardware and software up to date. Regularly-scheduled releases come out on a monthly basis, and emergency updates are applied as quickly as possible.

* Bonus Features

* Unlimited logins for your staff
* IP-based security blocking
* Performance optimization for the best possible speed
* Shopping cart designed with SEO customization in mind.

Value For Money

As noted above, 3dcart divides its hosting services into three general tiers. The Mini plan is the most affordable, with prices as low as $19.99 every month. This supports an inventory of 200 products, gives you 4,000 visits, and comes with $175 in ad credits. You’ll enjoy full round-the-clock access to 3dcart’s tech support team, and your store will come with Facebook and mobile selling features.

The Professional tier steps up all of the numbers. You get 20,000 monthly visits, 10,000 products, and $200 in ads. As a handy bonus, 3dcart also makes a live chat function available so that you can connect with customers directly while they shop.

The highest level of 3dcart’s service is the Power plan. This will cost $129.99 a month, but it delivers a host of additional functionality along with support for 90,000 visits and an unlimited product inventory. Most importantly, Power accounts are set up to integrate seamlessly with a range of other useful services and software, including QuickBooks, eBay, Amazon Orders, and DOBA.


You can get a first-hand look at 3dcart’s system with their no-obligation 15-day trial. You’ll be looking at the live store dashboard immediately after you use your contact information to sign up.

3dcart’s impeccable handle on the security and technology required for ecommerce allows you to focus your attention on selling. If you’re setting up a brand new store, the company’s in-browser builder will guide you through the process in just five steps. Technical knowledge is not required. If, on the other hand, you’re coming to 3dcart with a preexisting store, rest assured that it can be migrated without any loss of content or functionality.

Website Builder – In Depth

Like most of its offerings, 3dcart’s website builder is operated through a clear easy-to-use dashboard interface. To break down the 5-step process, all that’s required is to input your store information, pick out a design, add your products, including shipping information, and setting up payment methods.

The 3dcart dashboard delivers an amazing level of control without getting too complex. You can modify your account, track your business, learn about your customers, market your store, and more from this vital nerve center. You can even extend your store’s functionality with hundreds of great add-ons (like Google shopping or an app to save carts abandoned by customers) from 3dcart’s library.

Biggest Advantages To 3dcart

* Comprehensive solution for ecommerce
* Compatible with social media and mobile selling
* Easy to market via SEO

Biggest Potential Drawbacks To 3dcart

* Some templates incur additional fees
* Hosting solution focused exclusively on ecommerce
* Support not available via direct email.

Customer Service In-Depth

You get full-time technical support at all times from 3dcart, even if you’ve only signed up for a trial membership. Your only contact options are through their internal ticketing system or via phone, though; the company does not field support inquiries through email.

Self-help resources are extremely robust. 3dcart’s knowledge base and their tutorial articles are all publically available. Access to the user forum does require full (paid) registration, though.

In a bid to improve their sometimes-spotty customer service record, the company recently launched MyWebMaster, a new service designed to further minimize the hassles of administering an online store.


Regardless of the size of your company, 3dcart makes an excellent hosting solution for ecommerce. Thanks to their marketing-friendly design that embraces SEO, social media, and mobile integration they’re poised to deliver outstanding service to forward-thinking stores. 3dcart’s free trial makes it easy to take a look at their dashboard and store builder on your own; their powerful yet user-friendly features may well win you over.

3DCart eCommerce Website Builder Review 2019


Web Design Features


    E-commerce Hosting


      Marketing Features


        Payment Options


          Overall Value



            • - Lower Price
            • - Great Live Chat Support
            • - Easy to Us


            • - Poor Customer Service
            • - Clunky Admin
            • - Bland Templates